Face Protection

Face Shield Type 'A'

  • It guards cheek and chin.
  • Full cover from side with adjustable swivel type ratchet head band alongwith sweat band.
  • Full face protection against chemical splashes as well as while grinding.
  • Available sizes : 6" X 12", 9" X 12" and 8" X 14".

Face Shield Type "B"

  • Made from clear soft vinyl frame having high impact resistant, clear polycarbonate visor (replaceable), optically correct with wider view.
  • With adjustable elastic head band.
  • Protects eyes from hazardous liquids / chemicals and dust.
  • Can be worn over personal spectacles without disturbing other safety equipments.
  • As per BIS (IS : 5983 : 1980)

Weilding Helmet

  • Made from injection moulded high flexible polypropylene material.
  • Very sturdy and light weight.
  • With adjustable ratchet head gear.
  • Standard vision 110 mm X 85mm
  • Available in black colour only.