Safety Belts

Cotton Safety Belt with 12mm thick

Cotton safety belt with 12mm thick rope with screw type metal hook

Nylon Safety Belt with Plated Buckle

Flame retardant work wear is made from 100% cotton fabrics. It serves as effective spark barriers against welding, cutting & grinding sparks. The fire retardant process guarantees flame retardant performance & durability level confirming to a number of international flammability standard like British standard specification. BS 3119 / 3120.

Nylon Safety Belt with Plated Buckle

Nylon safety belt is of high quality with plated buckle 3 mtr long rope.

Nylon Safety Belt with 12mm Thick 3Mtr. Nylon rope with Full Body Harness

A Full body harness to be use with vertical anchorage systems.
Fully adjustable Shoulder & thigh straps
Single connecting back D ring.
Ideal position sit strap for extended comfort. EN 361 CE

Seat Harness

Easy work positioning waist belt & sit harness
Thermoform back support
Two lateral D rings of forged alloy steel
One front waist positioning D ring
Ring provided for tool holders EN 358, EN813 CE